About Us

About Us

C&T LAW, a law Firm established with the ambition to be the world’s leading law firm is registered as a partnership under the Partnership Act, 1932. The strive to achieve its aim of becoming symbol of excellence is made through sustained investment in effective technological resources, knowledge management, relation management, communication network and vast research on recent developments in economic and legal spheres both locally and internationally.

C&T LAW, fields of practice include Corporate and Commercial, Telecommunications, Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution, Employment/ Labor, Capital Market & Regulation, Banking, Construction and Real Estate, Intellectual Property and Energy. Advocates at C&T LAW appear before Supreme Court, High Courts and Lower courts, tribunals, regulatory bodies and in arbitrations.

C&T LAW is based in the Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan. It has a broad network of associated lawyers in and outside Pakistan, C&T LAW is well placed to offer required legal assistance in Pakistan.

C&T LAW follows a strict conflicts & disclosure policy in matters of retention of the Firm. Services rendered at C&T LAW are protected under client attorney privilege under the laws of Pakistan.

The unique feature of services at C&T LAW is to tailor the solutions to our client’s problems in the most professional, cost effective and efficient manner.

The profile of the partners at C&T LAW seeks to provide background information on the skill set of the partners and the partners work as a team to deliver on any given assignment.